matt 01 [promises are meant to be kept]

matthew chapter 1.

-genealogy of Jesus

-Joseph accepting Jesus as his son


The genealogy part was basically a promise.

It goes both ways, first and probably the most obvious one is the first promise God made to Abraham. The one he made in the VERY VERY beginning, with the stars and the sand and all that.

Second, the one he made with David. God promised him that Jesus will come through his descendant line thingy.

i think this part is the easier part to relate to. We look up to God and learn how he does things so we can copy it, and learn from it and be a great Christian example to others right?

and God made promises from beginning of time and keeps it after like 2000 years.

how do we make this promise thing connect to our lives?

keep promises. two simple words.

that will certainly help with your Christian life, and as a Christian examples to others.

i know this is just two simple words. but now i think about it. it takes alot alot of time to master it.

Joseph receives Jesus as his son.

this is the beginning of Jesus.

this is so easy to relate to.

without Jesus we’re nothing.

so without Joseph or Mary or the Holy Spirit.

we’re nothing.

i mean if we’re nothing. there’s no point of living at all.

no purpose in life. no purpose in anything.

then there would be no difference between living or dying.

think about it.

this chapter (well half of it)

is the beginning of everything. the beginning of eternal life.

without it.

we’re nothing.


~ by quickyun on 02/15/2011.

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