matt 02 – Bethlehem- Egypt- Nazareth

God. has. everything.

Jesus. born. in. manger.

manger. equals. poor.

that basically says it.

God, the LORD of heave AND earth made his son come down to earth to wash our sins away.

because of


now i think about it. the people from all the places Jesus traveled to, didn’t know Jesus was so important.

i mean he was right in front of their eyes. but some of them, just didn’t know who he was and why he was doing whatever he was doing.

i think everyone’s like that. something important comes along, and you just don’t realize it (well, mostly because you have LOADS of stuff to do, and you just don’t bother about it) and it leaves, and you feel some sort of emptiness.

yah. that feeling sucks.

i think we should just stop sometimes, like drop everything and like talk to God. and just ask him for advice. i mean, you can ask anyone, but the one who’s got the most wisdom, and ALL (like literally, ALL) the brains, is God.

but of course he might take a while, answering your prayer, but if that important thing, is seriously important. by the time he gets to answer your prayer, it’ll still be there, waiting for you to take your hand out, and grab it.

i think it’s super cool just to know God does everything in his power just to protect you (if it’s what he wants, of course) i mean, take a look at it.

Jesus was about to be killed by King Herod, but he gave visions to Joseph, and Joseph, in the nick of time brought them away from the dangerous place.

and when the time was right God sent them back to Nazareth.

i think God’s eternal planner is just full of surprises, and fun, and love. i think it’s pretty cool that we’re actually IN the planner, i mean seriously. imagine God as some sort of like famous person. like Justin Bieber or something (OF COURSE. WAYYYYY awesomerr)  and you look into their planner, and you see your name written in it in PERMANENT MARKER, how cool is that. :)


and great job today U14 boys bball :)

hope you get third tomorrow :)


~ by quickyun on 02/17/2011.

4 Responses to “matt 02 – Bethlehem- Egypt- Nazareth”

  1. Nice use of a font change color! The word “love” really stands out, especially on the theme you chose. Nice reflection and a good reminder that I’m part of His plan.

    Did you watch the U14 boys’ game? If so, reply and let me know how they did!

  2. THEY WON :) haha yah.. by like 12 points :)


  4. wow.. so poetic, quick..
    now i know that the important thing.. is there waiting for me… to reach my hand out.. and grab it!
    yayyy weee wooo hooo
    i miss you already haha

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