matt 03 [PAVE THE ROAD]

We’re like John the Baptist.

well that’s what i think.

i think God wants us to be like John, and he wants us to pave the road for him.

think about it this way.

construction workers. they pave the road, so one day cars, trucks, bikes and people, may go on it to reach it’s destination. right??  That’s exactly what God wants us to do.

imagine it like this:

There is one main road, that leads up to heaven. (well obviously, its Jesus, but for now, just think of it as a normal road. like a highway) And this main road is not complete. there’s a big gap between where the road ends, and where the destination is. and we can’t just leave it hanging right? we need to finish building the road, so people can go to their destination (well in this case, Jesus = people).

So we’re being really good construction workers, and we’re building and building. and along the way of building this highway, we ask more part time helpers to help and build this road. These part time helpers ( non- Christians ), are not as skilled as us (Christians). so we teach them and teach them until they master it like we do.

and one day, when our road is finished. Jesus will walk on it. and take us with him. and people who help him pave the road will go with him, and people who didn’t don’t.

does it make sense?

hmm.. now i think about it. i think it is kinda confusing.

or i just made it worse.

okkay. i hope i didn’t. cuz i think i understand it. but now.. not sure.

or maybe the road analogy is just really bad.

if that really didn’t make sense.

i would be glad to make another analogy.



~ by quickyun on 02/20/2011.

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