matt 04 – it’s all about you, JESUS

yup, matt 04 is all about Jesus :)

like literally.

it’s always good to know someone has been through what you’ve been through, just to know that they understand.

and the first part of chapter 4 tells you all about it.

temptation. it’s almost like an everyday word, well not really. more like an everyday action.

i mean seriously. you come to school. you’re probably tempted to cheat on a test, eat in class, sleep in class, or maybe even talk in class. then you go home, and obviously homework is your first priority… righht? but no. you obviously are tempted to use your computer and chat or game.. and you don’t finish your homework. then the next day at school.  you’re probably tempted again to cheat on homework.

^ see? thats a least 5 during 24 hours. thats probably even more than you pee on a daily basis. [js js]

I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. how you feel.. == i have this weird obsession with chocolate and.. the computer :P and i just kinda ‘have ‘ to each chocolate nearly everyday. and i waste my money… == and i waste my time doing all sorts of stuff on the computer… then i look at the clock and i realize how much time i’ve wasted..

but after you kinda figure out that you feel super guilty and angry and yourself. i hate that feeling.

but hey. the thing is. it’s always good to know even Jesus was tested by Satan. so..

~YOU ARE NOT ALONE~  <– thats reallly lame.. but… :P

okay. so Jesus called his first disciples.

i think this is the coolest story ever.

i mean seriously. what would you do if this random stranger walked up to you and said.  “COME FOLLOW ME.”

man, i would seriously think he’s a creeper… :P oh well i think it’s pretty awesome that the disciples had so much faith that they can just follow someone they dont know.

and the moral of this story (REMEMBER? MATH CLASS?) is to have faith.

it’s a constant reminder for us to have faith in him all the time. i mean look at Peter. he abandoned his job just to follow this random dude on the street who said “COME FOLLOW ME”. he ABANDONED HIS JOB. he had faith in this guy so much that he was willing not to have money…

thats epic. (<– that word is seriously overused.. but i can’t find another replaceable word now.)

well… i guess i should end this now. i have to study for mando :P


~ by quickyun on 02/21/2011.

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