matt 07 – opposites

remember the times when we ‘made up’ opposite days in elementary just to prove ourselves right?

haha all those good times.

it’s the same with what God’s trying to say to us.


first you don’t get it, and you’re like WHAT??

then you analyze in your brain.. and you’re like OHH…


but i promise you. it’s much much easier to understand what God’s trying to say to you through the bible.

first. the narrow and the wide gates.

narrow : |           |

wide:       |                                                           |


the lines are the doors. well obviously you’re more tempted to go to the wide ones right? i mean look at it. you don’t need to squish your body to go through a stupid door. but what God’s trying to say it. BE ONE OF THOSE SMALL AMOUNT OF PEOPLE THAT GO THROUGH THE NARROW DOORS. because you will be rewarded. :DD


and the other ones are just to tell you be true to yourself. like know what you are.

like. if you say you’re a Christian. then be one.

if you say you’re a good prophet. be one.

if you say you’re a good and wise builder. be one.


and talking about this makes me think about what we said the other day. about Lazarus?

yah he went to hell. that one. i’m still kinda creeped out by it. and i have no idea what to do about it. cuz seriously when you’re scared. you can’t exactly think right.

i mean in movies they think in a split second about what to do when a guy is pointing a gun in his face. but in real life. you’re like A GUY IS GOING TO KILL ME. seriously. yah. so.. i think i need major help. but. yah.


oh well.

i got a haircut.

and i don’t like it.




~ by quickyun on 03/05/2011.

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