:D yay. i finished.

so.. am i supposed to post the links here? well i guess not. but OH WELL :D




and of course picnik :D

the current time now is 22:31

and yes i’m bored.


~ by quickyun on 03/08/2011.

4 Responses to “header?”

  1. i LOVE the rainbow. <3
    To me, it shows me that a storm will come, but God will always be with you till the very end. and at the end? there's gonna be a beautiful rainbow. :D

  2. :D How’d you make that?
    So cool.

  3. haahaa good jobb.
    i rlly like the third picture to the right cuz its like colorful.. yeahh

  4. That’s an awesome and unique header! I like the different text fonts and positions. You used that well, and it stands out from many of the other 8th grade headers in that sense!

    2 possible improvements. 1. instead of long links, your can write the photographers’ names and then make the names hyperlinks. It helps to clean up your post. 2. I would like to see more of an explaination as to why you chose the photos and sequence you did! :)

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