matt 08- we.all.just.need.a.tiny.bit.of.FAITH.

all these stories have one thing in common.

it’s just one simple word, but it is so hard, so hard to do.


to be completely honest, i wouldn’t be the best person to talk to about faith, i don’t consider myself having the most stable relationship with God, because i don’t have enough faith.

most of the stories here are about faith.

how people get healed, faith.

why people follow Jesus, faith.

why we’re scared of the storm, no faith :P

the thing is it was easier for them to have faith back then, when Jesus was actually in HUMAN FORM. and like there. seriously how can you have faith with someone you can’t see.well this is only my POV so.. yah.

and these days i’m kinda stepping away from God alittle, i don’t know why exactly, but i know i’m doing it. and idk how to stop.

all these blogs, and the bible studies really help with my FAITH (word of the day :D) with God, and haha yah. it’s good to know that sometimes.


~ by quickyun on 03/09/2011.

3 Responses to “matt 08- we.all.just.need.a.tiny.bit.of.FAITH.”

  1. I agree, storm = no faith haha. They could be meaning a storm inside of us as well, like a storm of things like hwk, emotional stress, personal issues, etc. and we all need faith to get through it (:

  2. oooo! insightful :D
    i agree we need faith :D

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