matt 09 – born this way..

people who were born disabled or mute or blind are considered one of the lower classes of the society.

so basically. you’re just labeled once you’re born. either you’re high class and wealthy or poor or disabled. not fair eh? yah.  they are looked down upon because you were born this way.

thats even worse-r than what happened last week == i got a teacher detention for some misunderstanding… and i got really mad. because it wasn’t my fault. ( i know a lot of people out there who understand) and it just seems not fair right?

but think about it. all the disabled, they don’t have a choice, because they had nothing before they were born, they were just made this way. and it’s so much more worse than the misunderstandings.

but the main point is that the blind had never ever seen (well obviously) Jesus and they trusted that he could heal them completely. thats some faith you have there. i mean seriously? would you believe someone when you’ve never ever seen them. yah. i don’t think so. not even some weirdo would.

and the mute? he was demon possesed. thats… just sad. he can’t even express his demon ness :P well… not through words. but Jesus just drove the demon out. and. he could talk. i think the reason why the person couldn’t talk, because the demon was the mute ness in him.

AND THE PHARISEES…. gah. they make me so mad.

they think Jesus is the prince of demons, just cuz he drives them out. WHAT?

i mean seriously, if he was the prince of demons, he would want them to stay in the guys body, what kind of prince wouldn’t want their own territory to spread.

GOODNESS, please think again pharisees. ==

we’re all given a choice to follow God or not.

look at the blind man as an example. he couldn’t see Jesus, he couldn’t see what Jesus has done before.

but he still had faith , and he trusted that God would heal him

and thats why he was healed.


~ by quickyun on 03/14/2011.

3 Responses to “matt 09 – born this way..”

  1. yep, God uses the disabled and handicapped to show us his power. personally, i think that it’s always easy to think that getting any form of punishment is unfair.but that won’t happen if we cut down the pride.

  2. also, i think you’ll get more views if you put more tags for your posts. makes them more searchable.

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