matt 10 – ohmygoshwhatalongchapter :P


lets just start with the questions mr franke gave us.

cuz i have no idea what to talk about. i have nothing in my head right now about matthew 10… :P


12 original disciples.:

Simon Peter

^ brother Andrew

James (Zebedee)

^ brother John


Bartholomew <– what kind of name is this?? :P


Matthew (tax collectorr)

James (Alphaeus)



Judas Iscariot <– y you betray.


[those are all the.. yah. disciples]

okkay. so. usually, the first things you go through before the first day of school actually starts are… rules. and more rules.

and thats what’s happening here. Jesus is giving out rules so they don’t mess up. not really.

Jesus is more like giving an orientation xDD haha

so they’ll know more about God and Him, before they actually follow Him. and call him teacher.

that makes sense right?


if i were a disciple. what would i be scared of?

to be completely honest?


i mean first, you believe that Jesus created everything, and He’s the Son of God… right?

then you start thinking…

what if i still go to hell. even if i follow God and Jesus what if i still go to hell.

yah. tough question right?

and you probably “grew up” hearing about it. then you die

and you realize you go to hell.

WOW how encouraging.

a disciple or not.hell’s my answer.


~ by quickyun on 03/15/2011.

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