matt e1even – all these relationships.

to be completely honest.

i have no idea what the first part is about.

all i know is John doubted Jesus. and he kind of didn’t believe Jesus was the Messiah?

and Jesus explained to him that he was.

i don’t get it.


wow this is one complicated chapter..

okay. even the last part is complicated.

what it’s trying to say is.. that no one fully understands Jesus except for God himself.

No one understands why God loves us so much to give Jesus up.

yah no one understands anything.

you know, when you let hot chocolate cool, there’s going to be this thin layer of skin like thing on top of the liquid right?

yah. we only understand that. God has a whole cup of chocolate for everyone of us, but we only taste the top part of it.

thats because we don’t fully understand God, and it’s really hard for us to … drink the whole chocolate..

get it?

yah. seriously? i don’t really get it either.. :P but.. lets just..

i need to go.

good night.


~ by quickyun on 03/16/2011.

2 Responses to “matt e1even – all these relationships.”

  1. lool, I like how you compared to hot chocolate haha.

  2. I like how you compared it to hot chocolate! Nice :D

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