matt twe1ve – o. this is a long one.

chapter 12:

starts of with the sabbath. like every week. unless. you start the week off with a monday. which most people do. but. my parents have taught me to start the week off with a sunday.

but. we suppose to.. rest on the seventh. TT oh well.

lets move on.

if you don’t know about this. the sabbath is sunday. and for jews you are not allowed to work on the sabbath, because in the bible God rested on the seventh day. so you’re supposed to rest. apparently it’s illegal to work on that day.

and Jesus was like trying to heal this dude with a shriveled hand. and the Pharisees, they were like OH NO YOU DIDN’T just do that. but He was like we’re supposed to do good on the sabbath.

So it’s okay to rest on the sabbath, but when it comes to helping people. it’s always better to do the helping than the resting. you understand?

not that hard.

wait, so i think Bezeebul is Satan in this case.
and the Pharisees are saying that you should use Satan’s name to drive out demons.

well i totally understand where the Pharisees were going with this.
it’s understandable that you use the Prince of the demons to drive out demons.
it’s like when you do something wrong, your friend tells your parents right? because in this case you belong to your parents, they own you. ;D

but Jesus says to use God’s name to drive out demons.
because God is the highest, most powerful.
so it’s like:


you do something wrong the teacher can give you detentions but principals can give you suspensions.

so if you put this in ‘demon’ form it’s like:


makes sense?

everyone who asks God to be their personal savior is a brother / sister to other Christians

so if you’re a Christian and i’m a Christian, then we’re siblings.

as siblings we’re supposed to take care of each other help each other through hard times, and help each other up when their down. ;D

so good bye for now

brother/sister in Christ ;)


~ by quickyun on 03/29/2011.

One Response to “matt twe1ve – o. this is a long one.”

  1. that was a long post! However, it was good too. I like referring to other Christians as my fellow brothers and sisters. Your post also reminded me of a book called the Screwtape Letters. It was written by CS Lewis, and I think you might enjoy it. It’s fictional and talks about God from the demon’s perspective. Weird and cool.

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