i mean… everyone LOVES Japan. ;)

no.  i’m not being sarcastic.

they need so much help right now. i’m not even kidding.

recently i heard a story.

you know the nuclear thing that went off right? so basically the people who works there…. they feel like it’s thier responsibility that it exploded.

and you know how the radiation is like affecting the people around the place it exploded right? so the people who work there their like “Yup it’s our responsibility that the explosion happened.”

they know thier going to die like soon, in like two weeks. but they said good bye to thier mom, dad, wife, husband, kids… and they went to the village or something, and devoted thier last few weeks to help the people around the factory.

yah touched right?

the thing is the family members, encouraged them to go and save other people as well.

don’t you think thats awesome?

and the fact that the whole world is coming together to help Japan? yah. amazing.

don’t you think we should do the same?

donate money to Japan? 

guys… have you watched nigahiga’s HONK for Japan?

you guys can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cciUXpITsu0

my friends and i.. kinda want to do something like this for Japan. but honking in Hong Kong is public disturbance. so.. we’ll be thinking of something else to do..  we’re still thinking!!! ;D

so Honk up some ideas….. ahahhah so lame.

keep praying guys


~ by quickyun on 03/30/2011.

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