matt 4ourteen – WADEEEE IN THE WA TERRRRRRR~~~

yah thats right..

we have no faith.. i mean well.. maybe not NO faith. more like. little faith.

if people who have ALOT of faith.. can walk on waterr..

we just need a faith booster to do so..

because we’re so close to walking. we’re wading.

look at that.

i wonder how cool it would be to actually have that many        people have that much faith in real life. those are hardcore men.

it’s fake. i know

but… wouldn’t it be pretty cool.. if.. us, as Christians do actually have that much faith to walk on water.

yah. hard. even for me. and i was born into a christian family.


you guys know. when you have something new… like for example a new toy. you usually like play with it 24/7 right? because its new.. and like fresh. get it?

it’s like that with faith. first you get so excited with like Christianity.. and stuff so your “faith level” is like super high..

so imagine this.

you are a new Christian.. and you have like faith in him right.. because you’re excited and all that..

and when you’re getting baptized…

you started to float.. and walk on waterr…


sorry just a random thought.

we need to keep that “level” high though…. even still being a Christian after all these years.


~ by quickyun on 04/05/2011.

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