matt f1fteen – YOU GOT OWNED!

THEY GOT OWNED. yup the Pharisees got owned.

so basically what the Pharisees did was they kinda dissed the disciples… well because they’re disciples.

that’s kinda. racist… if they were a race. ==

okay anyway the Pharisees were like OHMYGOSH.. YAHHH WHY YOU NO WASH HANDS BEFORE YOU EAT… o~~~you just broke the laww…  and so Jesus was like ohhh.. hahaha is that right??

and he started like listing all these things that they did wrong, like literally. listing.

haha it’s like the time where Aaron  got dissed by Michelle ….

remember guys?

Aaron was dissing girls or something…. and Michelle was like… well then aren’t you talking about yourself? and everyone around him was like OOOOOOO~~~`

well thats what usually happens when someone gets dissed.

haha imagine it. imagine all the people around the Pharisees… i bet they were laughing and all that.

man they should be embarrassed.

but.. the main part of this is that what ever comes out of your mouth… comes out of your heart. no excuses people.

once you say it. you can never take it back…..

thats actually not the main part. the differences of impurity. the bad things that comes out of our heart. is true impurity.

but stuff like not washing your hands before dinner or something is not really impurity.

is like  the ranking of defiles. ahahahh

-i’m skipping the second story. because what does dogs, have to do with Canaanite women, or children, or food…. soo..  i’m real confused.. so i’m skipping it… sorry-

i was wondering why… they always ate fish. they always fed them fish.

i wonder if they got tired of it.  i mean if they eat it like daily wouldn’t you get tired of it?

it’s like homework.. you get too much of it.. you get tired of it.

this kinda reminds me of something i saw while running my 3k…

i was running and runnning… and i can’t help noticing like  other people running too.. well thats very. anyway… i guess they were practicing for like marathons and stuff..

and while i was running i saw this pair of siblings…

they were in their mid twenties.. i think

and the brother was blind. and the sister was like holding his hand… helping him get to whereever they were going. she was whispering one two one two.

i wonder if the sister ever got tired of helping him get through his day….

what if she didn’t feel like it one day… how much more difficult would it be for the brother to move around..

yahh… things like that.. we don’t usually realize…

but when they’re gone.

you miss it.

it’s weird.


~ by quickyun on 04/07/2011.

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