matt s1xteen – so…. when are YOU going to die?

i feel like going backwards today… so lets start with the last story.

you know those truth or dare questions… when you have to answer like.. you can either live and not know when you are going to die, or you can live your whole life knowing when you’re going to die..

well something like that.

i don’t know.

i think the fact that you know when you’re going to die is pretty scary.

what if you aren’t ready to leave you parents,friends, family… etc

you live your whole life knowing when to die. yah doesn’t that ever bother Jesus? the fact that everyone’s going to be sad because of that.  well.. at least he loves us so much.. he knows he’s doing it for us?

i wonder what we’re gna do if we found out when we’re going to die..

eh.. i hope it’s not Christmas.



i might cut it short today.. i’m sick here… so… i can’t breathe properly… and i need to sleep to get better.


well then.. good night ladies and gentlemen.. goodnight.


~ by quickyun on 04/11/2011.

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