matt seven7een – fairy tales

whats your favorite fairy tale growing up?

mulan? little mermaid (i’ve never watched the little mermaid growing up)? beauty and the beast? aladdin? cinderella?

the transfiguration is kinda like aladdin..

hey. don’t judge me. i’m letting my imagination flow..

so anyways while i was reading the transfiguration part. i kinda thought about aladdin..

okay so basically what happened during the transfiguration.. is that Jesus was going up the mountain and started to pray.. and this cloud came down upon him and Jesus’ appearance became more Holy or something and Elijah and Moses came as well..

thats the genie guys, the genie.

the more descriptive version of the transfiguration is found in Luke… i’m not sure where.. but it’s in Luke. i’m positive.

how does that relate to aladdin? come on. he rubs the lamp clouds come out and this genie falls out..

Jesus prays, this cloud comes down, and Elijah and Moses magically appeared. ;D

thats like teleporting from heaven.

okay. so Jesus heals a demon possessed boy.

i wonder how you tell if the person is demon possessed..

so if the dude gets seizures.. or had like a two year spaz or something then he’s uhh demon possessed?

how do you know..

anyways.. again. Jesus emphasizes that you have to have faith in order to get better….

Jesus predicts that he’s going to die again.

what kind of person tells people they’re gong to die.


i think he’s going to predict it three times.. since it’s like a holy number ;D

but why does he do that? i really wonder sometimes…

maybe to get the disciples ready to spread the word.. without him? maybe maybe.

so Jesus was asking if… the princes have to pay the King’s taxes…

well the obvious answer is no. right?

what kind of cruel dad would ask money from his own son….

i think thats what he meant.

we are not forced to pay taxes for the temple.

it’s all given whole heartedly.

well that makes sense right?

haha well then…

goodnight…. no way too early for goodnight.

farewell.. see you tomorrow guys ;D


~ by quickyun on 04/13/2011.

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