matt e1ghteen – an interview with a reporter.

yes. yes. i DID make a video… i swear.

but youtube problems. and i tried like a million times, changing my settings, and reuploading it..

nope didn’t work…..

so i might as well just write it and not waste my time.. trying to.. yah.

okay. so i asked my dad about forgiveness… and he asked me what it was for.. so.. i was like,” ehh bible? you know my blog… well.. like yah it’s for matthew 18 it’s a new experience thing… so i have to like “interview” you…. kinda..”

and my dad was like, “eh okay.. laterr..” and apparently his later was an hour later…. and like.. i found out he made notes for the entire chapter during the hour….. he’s way tooo professional… ==” so my dad and i we kinda just ended up talking about the whole chapter…

okay moving on.

anyways.. we were talking how we should be more humble… and more innocent like children… in order to get to heaven.

we also talked about forgiveness and how it’s sometimes really hard.. but we still need to do it…. and yah.

and in the end my dad and i forgave each other ;)

to be completely honest. i know  this isn’t exact the most heart-felt post… but to shorten a 16 minute video.

this is what i have.

so have a relaxing sunday.

and i’ll see you guys tomorrow.


~ by quickyun on 04/17/2011.

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