matt tw2n0y. i’m mad at my internet.


and i’ll probably finish this post by like 1 if that keeps on happening..

and to prevent that from happening.. not like it’s going to do anything to it. it’s not literally going to stop it from happening but the time now is 22:50… so i shall.. yes. tell you the time when finished.

i did make a vlog. but it’s way too long. plus the fact my internet keeps crashing.. doesn’t help. so.. good luck video. staying in my camera..

well i’ll try to post a youtube link.. when it actually. yah. turns out well.

so.. lets just try to shorten my 17 minute vlog in this limited space. :P

so the first story is the parable of the workers in the vineyard.

well basically the master of the vineyard asked people to work for him in different times of the day. a few at like noon (i don’t exactly know the time.. but it works well like this too xD) a few at three, a few at six, a few at nine, a few at eleven..

and basicallly this master dude. he went out.. and got all these people to work for him.. and at the end of the day. he gave the money to people.. well first he kinda promised the people at noon that he, the master person, will give a denarius to them.. well then yah..

he gave the same amount to every one of them.. and the people who worked for more mad. well.. it’s reasonable. right? and yah… it makes sense. :P

the last sentence of the first story theee conclusion. xD  “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.” something like that….

i seriously have no idea what that means.. xD but if we were to talk about this in racing terms… it’s not exactly fair. thats waht i think.

BOOYA.. my prediction is right. if you watch my vlog #2 you can see that i predicted that Jesus will again predict his death the third time.. and BAM my hypothesis is right ;)  Click Here for vlog number two ;)

Jeffrey Chan is nice enough to help me with my youtube difficulties. :D he also has a blog. and a youtube channel.

make sure you subscribe xD

okay. i’ll try to post the video ASAP. becuase. i find it easier to talk to a camera. than… writing it.. i dont’ know. not sure actually.. but yup xD

have a great easter break.. for those who still have easter break.. and remember what it’s about ;)


~ by quickyun on 04/26/2011.

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