matt [tw*nty *n*] –

well hello there. for those who are reading this and wondering why my title has the star thing.. it’s because. i felt like writing a number without vowels xD i’m so lame. but so cool..

okay and those who are wondering where my vlog #3 is… it’s coming up either tomorrow night. or friday morning. :)

okay now lets start on tw*nty *n* postt

the first story is about Jesus coming into Jerusalem…. on a donkey.

well thats very.. unexpected. well.. not for me. i’ve been listening to this story since. forever. we talk about it ALL the time in sunday schooll.. it kinda gets old.

well so basically.. Jesus comes in town on a donkey. and people come out and greet him… and put clothes on the floor.. and let the donkey step on it and stuff. and wave palm branches.. and yahh…..

the thing is.. you can’t exactly imagine it.. it’s too.. last century xDDD

so if you were to say this for OUR generation to hear.. it would be something like… put ipads on the floor for the donkey to step on xD hahaa..

well to me i think putting the clothes on the floor is a symbol of putting yourself before God.. and recognizing Him as God. it’s a sign of respect. x) it’s like laying yourself down…. but in materialistic form.

what would you do if.. people started coming to your house.. and started selling stuff.. and acting as if your house..  is a market… you would probably be mad. dude, this is where you live, where you have your meditations… ( you meditate?) where you keep your secret stuff.. it’s like bonded to you.. heart to heart. xD

well now think of it as Jesus’ perspective. people were coming to his house… for market stuff.. they were selling livestock..

imagine your room fillled with goats and chickens O.o

i do not want to clean that mess up..

for some reason i think i’ve read the story about the pharisees getting owned. i think it was ehh matthew fifteen

is it just me.. or are the pharisees getting owned all the time.. it’s like every time they talk to Jesus. OWN. hahaa

thats kinda funny.. well if you’re looking it at Jesus’ perspective.

but then.. if you’re REALLY looking it at Jesus’ perspective.. you wouldn’t actually laugh. but…

oh well.. xD

good night readers x)

[to read the Easter special click here]


~ by quickyun on 04/27/2011.

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