matt [tw*nt* tw*]

WHOA. okay. this is like perfect timing..

for an analogy xDD

okay. so the first story is.


okay. uhh for those who were actually looking for my vlog. i’m so so sorry. i left my usb at school.. so.. now. you can’t see it til.. yeah.

okay first story..

is the one about the the prince getting married. and the king invited people.. but the people didn’t want to like go or something. so they killed the messenger and stuff.. anyways.. so the king just randomly asked people on the streets. cuz. well no one wanted to come. so.. well… they still need guests.. so.. yah and this dude.. he was dressed so inappropriately… the king had to kick him out…

OKAY. the royal wedding. xD you knew this was coming didn’t you.

okay. well if you were to say this in their terms.. then Queen Elizabeth invited all the important people to the.. well. yeah. wedding. and they just hit the messenger and stuff. so the queen had to invite the entire england. plus tv people from all over the world to be in the wedding ceremony. so yeah. then some of the people were wearing informal stuff. and you know english people.

so.. yeahh. they were kicked out of the wedding. and they just totally missed an important ceremony that will change their life foreverrr..

i would be mad too if you came to my wedding in shorts and stuff. but not THAT mad. sometimes. you just don’t really understand God. maybe he was speaking in terms of respect.

i dont’ know..

second story: Pharisees. i bet you know what i’m going to say.

YEAH . they got owned.

man. pharisees. you really need to get a life. trying to own Jesus when apparently it’s your..

what? fifth time? …

last story: okay. who is Jesus. really. yeahh no sunday school answers. well apparently to the Pharisees. he the son of David.

okay. so.. pharisees. they’ve been studying the law. for what. their whole lives. and they say that Jesus is the son of David.

WAIT. he kinda is. hes like. the descendant so.. i would call him my son xD but then Jesus was like. How can I be his son if he calls me lord..


see? Pharisees need a life. ==

it’s so sad.


~ by quickyun on 05/03/2011.

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