yeah. i couldn’t believe it either.

i remember how i heard the news. it was a monday. my family and i… we were at a retreat.

okay. so a little family backround. my mom’s a housewife (HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!) and my dad’s a reporter. like a journalist. so… every time some sort of big news comes up.. my dad always seems to be the first to know.

so retreats. we were supposed to have like. our phones turned off or something. but my dad never does that. he always turn into silent. just in case something happens. you know. like osama’s death.

okay so my dad got a phone call in the middle of  “retreat” lunch. and yeah. he went out and he talked for like an hour. and he came back in and was like. ohh yeah. uhh Osama Bin Laden’s dead.

i swear. i almost laughed. i thought he was joking at first.. i was like. haha seriously? he was like mhm.

then i was like O.o oh my word. yeah i was super surprised. even my dad didn’t believe it. and he’s used to all these weird news reports.

and that night. in times square… most people were celebrating his death. well you know. he kinda led the 9/11 thing decade ago. you can’t blame them for celebrating it.

and to be honest. i’m kinda scared. HEY you can’t blame me.. i’m going to new york for the summer…

and you never know what their planning to do for revenge.

i think as a Christian the best you can do is just to pray about it. you can’t change what God has in plan for the world. right? i might die during my vacation to NewYork.. i don’t know. but all i know  that He has the best plan for me.

okay.. maybe the celebrating on the streets were a little.. over the top.  it’s kinda disrespectful too.. i mean hello. you’re celebrating someone’s death. thats not too.. yeah. okay imagine this. if you died. and in your funeral yeah people were celebrating instead of thinking about you.. and all the good stuff you did or something. yeah you would be looking down in Heaven and feel really. you know. bad.

but i do know where the Americans were going. i mean i would be mad too if my family/friend/relative died in the 9/11 incident. and i was watching TV when that happened half way across the world. man. i was scared. and i was like, what? three? i have good memory.

and i can’t exactly relate to it. cuz i didn’t exactly kill people.

the best thing we can do is… pray and hope for the best

–> have a great mother’s day.. don’t forget to tell your mom you love her xD


~ by quickyun on 05/08/2011.

7 Responses to “OSAMA IS DEAD ??!!!”

  1. I thought you’re American… :/

  2. GG

  3. so am i canadian or chinese?
    and like i said on other people’s osama posts, he may have killed a lot of people in 9/11. but Americans have killed people in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places daily. and honestly, i think it would be pretty cool if people celebrated at my funeral. I mean, i would at yours and a lot of other peoples. We’re out of this hole and in heaven where it’s better. how is that worth mourning?

    • and like what *I* said. we’re different cases. Osama and us.
      he did kill alot of people. and i’m just a typical girl.
      it could probably be a sign of disrespect to you know his group.

      My funeral? i seriously wouldn’t care if my friends and family celebrated. but if i did kill alot of people. and they are celebrating my death because of my “motive” then HEY i would mind. cuz apparently “my” point in life is to kill people. and i DON’T want people stopping that…

      you get what i’m trying to say here?

  4. Well, I’m going to live in the New York for more than a year so I was kind of freaked out when I found out that Al-Qaeda could plan this massive hijacking and bombing.

    • yeahh it kinda creeped me out too.. like going to nyc for vacation..
      but hey. God protects right? just keep praying .. and i’m very sure we’re all going to be safe.

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