matt [tw*nt* f**r] – BAM. we’re nearly done with Matthew.

fortune telling anyone?
no? yeah. me too. never a big fan.

why would you want to pay people to tell you what your future’s going to be. don’t you want a little surprise in life.
it wouldn’t exactly be fun if you know whats going to happen already. your life’s probably going to be monotone.

yup not fun. well not for partial hyper active people like me anyway.
i like ups and downs in life. without that i’ll just be a plain road. like a plain boring ugly road.

you want slopes. so you can slide down and scream like old ladies right? yeah.

Jesus is coming back. we know that for sure. but we have no idea when. because if we do. then thats no fun for God… or us.

think about it. if you knew the date and time. you would try your very best to be “Christian – like” so you can be accepted to heaven and have eternal life right?

see? the thing is God need some colors in life too. i mean if he told us the time and date for his son to arrive. everyone would be ready. and he wouldn’t have to be angry and stuff.
but it gets boring being nice.
sometimes you have to have some…
how do you put this.

different colors in a painting? thats good.
you can’t paint a field all green. thats boring. you want to add some reds and yellows. for flowers and stuff right?


but even though you DONT’ know the time Jesus is coming home.
you AL WAYS have to be prepared.

you know just incase.

you never know. he could be coming back right now.
he could be standing right behind you. thinking if you should go to heaven or hell….

i just think. you have to be prepared. anytime anywhere. just in case. you know. like insurance.

no. bad analogy.

BTW. did you see the sky these few days. it’s so blue. and beautiful xD hahaa off topic.
but HEY. God told us to enjoy what he has created. xD

oh and the sky part it’s only if you live in HK. so.. yeahh..

and keep praying for JAPAN D;  don’t forget them.


~ by quickyun on 05/11/2011.

3 Responses to “matt [tw*nt* f**r] – BAM. we’re nearly done with Matthew.”

  1. .. why would we want to scream like old ladies?? oooh is the color thing like the canvas is your life and you want it to be colorful? idk woaahh that would be creepy and exciting at the same time if Jesus was right behind me in flesh right now.. then again hes always there in spirit :) haha yes the sky was be beautiful but its been raining too :P anyways god post :D

  2. omg….1st reaction=LONG post, lol….hahaha. I like how u keep emphasizing how we wont know when Jesus is coming back, and that we nned to come back :)nice post :)

  3. […] a good enough analogy?  look at my Matthew 24 post it might […]

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