matt [tw*nt* f*v*]

STAY WITH ME. we’re nearly done with Matthew!

yeah. the exclamation marks really helps with the excitement. xD

OKAY. three stories. different ideas.

parable of the ten virgins.

talks about how to be ready when Jesus comes the second time. for judgement and stuff.

first thing that came up to my mind while reading this… was uhh.. why virgins.

why does the bridegroom come to the house to take ten virgins.

i mean. he’s getting married. why bother going to a house. and telling ten virgins to meet him up.

is he ALREADY cheating? he just got married…. and of course. i’m just over thinking.

it’s prolly some sort of weird old custom i’ll never get.

BUT the moral of the story…. is just to be ready.

hmm how do you put this. well.. how about a race.

everyone’s in a race. yeah. race of life.

lets just call it that. cheesy but it gets to the point. anyways. you have no idea when the ref’s going to say go right?

but we still have our hearts and bodies ready for the race. because we know it’s coming..

it’s the same with Jesus coming back. we have to be ready spiritually… so when Jesus is truly coming back we’re certain we’re ready.. for something much bigger.. and better.

not a good enough analogy?  look at my Matthew 24 post it might help.

second story. parable of the talents.

this is a story i’ve heard over and over and over again in Sunday school.

and today our service talked about using our talents. to serve God.

we all have talents. right? i know, maybe some of you have trouble naming them right away.

but try asking your friends. cuz they seriously help when you ask them about your talents.

there’s also another way.

today in our church service. we talked about using OUR unique talents to serve God.

God has made each and everyone of us uniquely. so we can serve Him uniquely. yeah makes you feel just a little bit more special eh?

last story.

let’s just say, if we were to shorten this story into one phrase it would be like:

Treat others in the way you will treat God.

yeah not that good. but lets just say it like this.

if we were to see a beggar on the street, we would probably just move on… and pretend we didn’t see him right?

well honestly. thats what i do.

and if we were to see that beggar as Jesus.. that would help you, help him right?

thats basically what God’s trying to tell you to do.

you see those people who have less than you, people who need more help than you do.

look at them as if they were Jesus/God.

then your motive or that fire inside you will strive more to help them..

yeahh does that make sense? i hope so…

to read Chapter 25… click HERE.


~ by quickyun on 05/15/2011.

One Response to “matt [tw*nt* f*v*]”

  1. LOL I love your reflections. IS HE CHEATING? hahaha.

    I agree, treat others the way you want to be treated, or treat God, or would treat your best friend <3

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