so.. how many shirts do YOU have?

recently.. Mr Franke told showed us a video of Francis Chan in class..

it talked about kids in Uganda not having more than two shirts for their whole lives or something…

and he told us to count up our shirts at home.

at school we were told to fill this paper out. and one of the questions was.. “How many shirts do you think you have ?”

and not knowing how many shirts i have. i wrote “40-50”

and yeah i went home counted up my shirts. and BAM i found out i had 104… IN my closet.

i probably had some more shirts out in the patio… balcony.. however you want to call it.

and i probably have some other shirts in the dry cleaners downstairs..

yeah. just thinking about that makes me more grateful for what i have now. you know at times you just don’t remember how much you have. and ask your parents for more and more…

humans are never satisfied for what they have.

but thats human nature… it’s like a habit, except something everyone has.

maybe thats why people who have so little are so joyful. because they have so much less to worry about.

but still.. when you want something. you don’t exactly think about other people.

it’s always me me me…

so.. how many shirts do you have?

count it up in your closet…

you might be surprised.


~ by quickyun on 05/15/2011.

One Response to “so.. how many shirts do YOU have?”

  1. LOL I have like, about 40. Yeah I agree, and when I think bout how I want to go to the threadless meet, I feel sort of guilty now :C

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