matt [tw*nt* s!x]

yeahh… sorry couldn’t * that ‘i’… or it would be like.. you know. give people different ideas.
SO… yeah chapter 26 is SUPER SUPER SUPER LONG. yeahh go check it out here.
basically the main idea of the chapter is you know.. Jesus being arrested, and like one event before that.

so i did make a vlog. and ofcourse as you know how much my internet sucks. it wouldn’t upload. so… i’ll have to find a better time to upload them… so i’ll just try to summarize a ten minute video here. in words. AGAIN./

basically what i talked about in my vlog  is the relationship between Peter and Jesus.

of course.. I think that Peter is the one disciple that is mentioned the most.. like yeahh all the timee..
and he was told that he’s going to  deny Jesus.

so apparently if you’re mentioned in the bible quite a few times. you’re considered “important” to Jesus..

so yeahhh if someone that important to you said that you were going to deny them three times.. yeah i would probably freak too.. and i will try my best to you know not deny him/her… yeah.

so they went to the mountain.. and Peter fell asleep twice.

Dude.. if you’re trying to please Jesus. and trying to prove that you’re not going to deny him someday. you’re off a bad start. just saying.

anyways. so.. i think Peter was trying to make up with the sleeping.. he just came in front of Jesus and became all protective and stuff. and he chopped of someone’s ear.

and yeah. that wouldn’t exactly be the BEST way to try to be on the good side of someone..
i’m just saying Peter is trying  a bit too hard..

but of course. i have no idea WHY peterchopped off his ear…
but the first time i read it.. thats what i thought. so..

yupp i’m going back to trying to upload that video.


~ by quickyun on 05/18/2011.

2 Responses to “matt [tw*nt* s!x]”

  1. Can’t wait to see your vlog (: LOL so you’re saying that because he fell asleep when he was supposed to be helping Jesus, he’s all clingy and touchy-feely now? Trying to hard for what? haha

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