matt [tw*nt* s*v*n] precious blood, for us.

chapter twenty seven.

there’s more to it then just the death of Jesus,

but for now. i’m just going to focus on that one bit.

Jesus. God’s one and only son, so perfectly came down into the world, sinless, he died for OUR sins, with HIS precious blood.

harsh right?

and why did he do this?

because he loves us.

that’s right.

i’m pretty sure you’ve heard this story about a million times, but have you ever thought about it.. like. really really thought about it?

and relate to your own life?

yeahh it’s pretty hard to comprehend.. like seriously…

we’ve all sinned right? yeah. right.

and don’t you sometimes just have this some sort of feeling.. like when you do this super bad sin.. i don’t know if sin have ranks. but something much worse than lying.. which i’m sure alot of us have done..

well like don’t you just feel like all those guilt weighed upon your shoulders?

well maybe not then.. but don’t you just sometimes have this sudden realization that you’re a sinner. like a huge sinner. and you just break down crying? well i’m pretty sure i have.

it just comes suddenly, and you weren’t even exactly looking for that realization… sometimes. you just listen real hard to the preacher talk, or even reading the bible, or while praying.

this realization, just sweeps you off your feet, and all of a sudden, your tears, just come pouring out.

i don’t know if that happens to most of us, but it happened to me.

and i’ve got to say, that realization, was one of the greatest feelings ever.

something like. guilty pleasure. but in a good way.

there’s this thing where me and my friends go to.. it’s called resound. and it comes around once every other month.

and it’s like a gathering for all the youth groups in HK.

they have worship, then this message/sermon thing, and worship again…

and we just had out last resound of the year last month, and i swear, God was working in our hearts.

well more like the Holy Spirit working in our hearts.

my friends, they just started crying, and crying.

and you know being a sinner isn’t hard at all, but coming up to God, and being real with him,

and telling him you ARE  sinner, is the hard part.

God works in miraculous ways, and it’s pretty awesome, when your part of the work, or while experiencing it…

yup just like realization sweeping you off your feet.

and you know why… we have this realization now? why we have that feeling in our hearts?

because of love. he died for us.

if he never did that. we’ll seriously still be in the type of guilty pleasure, when you’re actually guilty…

but now. BECAUSE he died for us.

the guilty part of the guilty pleasure… is not so much of a guilt anymore.

more like joy.

so.. i want you. maybe not now. maybe ten years later. just one day.. come before God and be real with him…

yeah it’s going to be hard.

it’s like telling your mom you broke her favorite vase.

but eventually, the love, and joy that fills your hearts, it’s so worth it.

[i’ll have to wait another day to post my special vid. since the internet today.. seriously sucks. so.. i’ll try my best to upload it tomorrow at the fastest, but if thats not possible. maybe saturday. yeah i’m so so sorry. stupid internet. but hey this is just as good. ]


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