special story. special vlog. [matt tw*nt* s*v*n]

yes it took a while to upload. but here it is. :D

hope you enjoy.. and feel free to ask questions at the comment section below.


~ by quickyun on 05/19/2011.

4 Responses to “special story. special vlog. [matt tw*nt* s*v*n]”

  1. this was amaazing <3 heartwarming and touching. great job quick. but there was one part i disagree on- with asian parents, when you tell them you broke your favorite vase, they dont really say its okay (your parents are an exception okayy) they get mad at you and scold you and sometimes even ask you to pay them back :/ so idk but everything else was absolutely amazing <3


    • hahaha.. thank you..
      well thats kinda true though. but thats the most common one i could think of.. xDD


  2. You know what. That was very inspiring.
    giulty pleasure. haha. I like that. But it’s so true.
    I really like the way that you used the note cards and wrote in different colours. it’s erally turns you on and makes sure you stay awake.
    At first when I came to your blog I was going to skim throught it adn make a small comment on a written one. But then I found your vlog and I decided to skim it. it took me some time but it was totally WORTH it. And that’s awesome.

  3. […] wow. thanks guys :D my blog has been blooming with stalkers ever since my last vlog.  watch my latest vlog? click here :D […]

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