matt [ tw*nt* **ght] – so long matthew.


but the story keeps going on and on and on… just cuz we’re done with one part of the book… doesn’t mean we’re done with the WHOLE thing….

so keep tuning up. and i’ll try to do Luke as well.. but i can’t guarantee it…

so.. whats the best ending to a fairy tale.

yeah. a happily ever after.

yup… thats what happens in the end of Matthew as well..

like the fairy tale. a happily ever after.

except this ain’t no fairy tale.  it’s real.

After Jesus died, he was “buried”…. well buried isn’t exactly the right word… since he wasn’t exactly BURIED. under ground….

he’s more like.. put into a tomb. yeah. like a tomb .. xD

okay… yeah so two ladies… they were pretty close to Jesus.  and they were going to the tomb… to like see him? put idk. stuff on so he won”t rot..

and they saw the open tomb, so they went in.. and saw an angel and he told them that Jesus is risen.

and they were scared… so they ran away…

and they were happy too. so they ran away. xD

serioulsy.. i have no right to say anything like that.. because i would be scared too if a dead person’s tomb stone thing was opened. esp when.. yeah. i believe in zombies…. haha jk. i don’t

yeahh.. but i’ll be pretty scared too…

but they had the courage to go in and find out the truth….

you know… an earthquake shoke the tomb.. so the the tombstone would move.

if that happened everytime an earthquake happened. that would be pretty cool. but except.. it wont.

don’t you ever wonder why angels appeared to people before, but not now.

i’m so jealous! haha i’m like..


yeahh but why dont they. it’s so weird..

so.. it’s so long to matthew.

we’re done with it.

bitterly sweet.


~ by quickyun on 05/20/2011.

One Response to “matt [ tw*nt* **ght] – so long matthew.”

  1. Good Job XP (<— such a generic comment) anyways hope u had fun blogging and tbh with u angels are everywhere… just takes time and patience to see them. btw.. why did u space your senetences like….. a poem?

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