wow. thanks guys :D

my blog has been blooming with stalkers ever since my last vlog.  watch my latest vlog? click here :D

I JUST NEED 11 MORE STALKERS till i get 400 :D so i’m pretty hyped up over here :D

400 seems to be a small number. but. hey. it’s alot in my POV :D

anyways. haven’t been keeping up with blogging lately. because ONCE ON THIS ISLAND jr. is here :D

this school drama/musical thing we’re doing :D kinda nervous/ excited :D

just a LITTLE preview of the story. and it’s not us. :D but.. close enough. welll we’re better. NO OFFENSE. :D

i’ll try to either add some personal stuff in here. or start on mark. not too excited about mark. but hey. it’s for a good cause?.. eh. i dont’ know. that came out too naturally. xD

KAY… wish us luck . and BREAK A LEG drama peeps.


~ by quickyun on 05/26/2011.

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