so….. what’s next?

i have an urge to make this formal…

so.. my fellow friends. we have accomplished our goal by finishing Matthew.

okay stop. i’m not gna do it anymore. doesn’t sound right.

anyways. yeah i’ve really enjoyed blogging. it’s always good to learn new stuff and another way. i actually do prefer blogging than sitting in class listening to the teacher drown on and on… well Mr Franke is an exception. cuz he’s actually fun to listen to.

but you know. i’ve never really liked reading the bible… but yeahh.. let’s just say. blogging really helped with that.

and i learned alot. esp. with all those vlogs… :D so cool lah (: yeahh making vlogs are really addicting.. i really really enjoyed making them.. and yeahhh..

and to be honest. at times i just didn’t really feel like blogging. so “my” best wasn’t exactly MY best.. you know what i mean. i mean.. there are times where i’m just hyped up about blogging. and i just can’t wait to do it. but at times. i’m like UGHHH.. blog. yeah. but’s actually pretty fun… :P [i don’t think i’m making sense]

COMMENTING: not my favorite subject. lets just say.. i could have been ALITTLE better with that.

i’m not a commenting person.. welll.. i’m talkative. but not a commenty person…. so.. i didn’t exactly comment. but i did like 30 ish for the cheese cake. and it was SO worth it :D

favorite expirience. vlogs. xD they were really fun to do. esp when i’m all alone in the house. and i really need someone to talk to. the camera’s like there :D  NO. I ACTUALLY HAVE A LIFE okay? :P goshh.. but it was a reallly cool expirience. i really enjoyed it (:

yeah i did stuggle while blogging.

at times. i just don’ t know waht to write. like. i would stare at the computer.. and just sit there. wondering waht i should write. cuz usually an analogy comes up. but you know. my brain farts too. so.. yeahh. i did struggle. esp when i didn’t feel like it at all.. and my attitude sometimes gets in the way.. so. yeahh x)

xx. keep in touch wordpress.


~ by quickyun on 05/27/2011.

2 Responses to “so….. what’s next?”

  1. Thanks for sharing Quick! I’m glad that you liked blogging overall. You’re Vlogs were good, random, and weird at the same time. I’m impressed with what you and many of your classmates learned. Also, I’m especially excited that you had a chance to get into the Bible a bit more. It’s our lifeline to Jesus and to know more about Him.

    Any decisions to keep blogging? Topics or ideas in mind? Not necessary, just curious!

  2. haha why do you have an urge to make it formal?
    before I started blogging, the Bible was just a think, boring book that gave ‘instructions’ that I did not find useful at all. After blogging and vlogging, and with the help of my study Bible, it really got me to think harder and go in depth into the passage.
    I understand how it feels when you want to do a nice, in-depth post but you just don’t feel like writing or you’re really tired. Well that happened to me. :P
    Lucky you! I’d rather do vlogs when I’m all alone at home, but cause my mom is almost always home, it’s pretty much impossible. And she’ll think I’m weird or something if I do it in earshot of her. xp
    Well nice job :D I loved your vlogs!

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