yeah. today was the last day of school.

FUN. [yousensemysarcasm?]


“i miss school.” sounds weird coming out of a person who doesn’t even bother paying attention in class, or turning in their homework on time, or studying for tests right?

but honestly, school wasn’t that bad.


well not to me anyway.

i’m an only child. so.. the thing is, if i dont’ go to school. i have nothing else to do. i’ll prolly sleep in. you know wake up at like 11 eat some sort of snack, chill, eat lunch, be bored for like seven hours, eat dinner, watch tv, sleep.

i rather stay at school.

i really enjoyed my 8th grade year at school, and yeah. i really really really want to redo it.

this year all the relationships between friends, teachers, etc etc… are all irreplaceable.


and high school next year.

a procrastinator like me, is probably going to die.


yeahh. i’m kinda sad.

but hey. high light of summer.


NYC in 8 days.

GATEWAY in like a month :D


can’t wait for both trips.


and let me end this with a cheesy line.


“8th grade will always be in our hearts. Never forgotten.”




~ by quickyun on 06/10/2011.

One Response to “IT’S ALL OVER D:”

  1. Now reading your post, I really miss 8th grade too. like you said, it is irreplaceable. i’ll never forget my last year of middle school. ever.

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