it’s been a while…

i remember sitting in Mr. Franke’s 8th grade bible class just two years ago, we were probably having a discussion about purgatory or something like that….

can you believe it? it’s been two years since i’ve touched this page,

i’m a high school sophomore….

it just went by so fast.

i mean look at this, my last post was about 8th grade ending. and to be honest, i still really miss it, there was just so much less stress than there was before. before, i could’ve just went home and chilled… but now i have to come back home and do all my homework, study for everything, and do projects. by the time all that is finished, it’ll be 3 o’clock in the morning.

so i’d thought i’d give you guys a little update

freshman year was… just a tad bit stressful, just adjusting to it was quite a bit of work. i remember the time where i was studying for my first exam, i was so stressed out i puked three times the night before the second day of exam week…. it was horrible. our grade didn’t make alot of initiative of trying to connect with each other and i felt kinda distant to the grade. i think everyone was just trying to figure everything out.

i think my ultimate goal during freshman year was to make new friends. i felt like during middle school i didn’t really move out of my circle of friends, and i knew that our grade was fill with awesome people. And by the end of the year i did make new friends, not just friends from my grade, but some from other grades. i’m really glad i made those goals, because the friends i made in 9th grade are some of my closest friends that i can tell anything to.

so i think 9th grade was generally a good but stressful year

sophomore year so far has been nothing but horrible, i’ve never handled so much stress in my life. it’s only been the first month of school, and i’ve had 3 tests, more than 10 quizzes, about two projects, and a butt load of homework. i seriously thought school couldn’t be more stressful in freshman year, but i guess i was wrong. the only thing i really like about this year is our volleyball team, i dont think i’ve been in a team as strong as the one i am in this year. our communication on court is pretty much telepathic, we verbally say anything, but most of the time we’re just really good. all the members of the team are all very very talented, and literally the only thing i look forward to at the end of the day is probably volleyball practice/games. well and the weekend.

i’ll try to keep you guys as updated as possible, but i can’t promise anything because i’m just busy all the time :( but it’s okay, i’ll come back sooner or later

till then,



~ by quickyun on 09/15/2012.

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