i actually had time to write today! which is great because i have a lot to say about today’s sermon.

i live in Hong Kong, and for those who don’t know where Hong Kong is,or how it’s like this next paragraph (or two) would truly intrigue you.

Hong Kong is located in China, the eastish southern part of China, and though we’re part of China we do not follow their government system. (ready for a mini history class?)  so basically China “rented” Hong Kong to Britain in 1842, and after a while, Britain “returned” Hong Kong to China. so apparently, before Hong Kong was returned to China, the Chinese government talked about “One Country Two Systems” and they liked the idea, so when Hong Kong was returned to them, they made that happen. so now technically Hong Kong still belongs to China, but we just have a different government and different rules that build our society. but the catch is, this will only happen for 50 years, so by the time i turn 50 all our rules will be gone, and we’re back to China rules.
[so there’s your mini history lesson]
what is Hong Kong like? we’re really fast paced and time is literally the most important thing here. money is too, but time is way more valuable. when i ride the train, and we have to switch trains to get on another line, people literally RUN TO THE TRAIN and sometimes the doors aren’t even open! there’s definitely a lot of pushing and trains are always crammed with people (even when it’s not rush hour, you really do not want to be on a train during rush hour, no breathing space…) there’s traffic all the time, it’s just a busy little space.

okay, so there’s your little summary about Hong Kong.

so i got to a chinese church on sundays, and though i’ve been there my entire life, it’s still hard for me to understand to it because i do go to an international school and they speak english all the time there (it’s actually forbidden to speak in cantonese or chinese during school hours, unless you’re having a class that requires you to speak it). my mom’s kinda the coordinator of the children’s ministry, so i had to do worship for the little kids today and after worshiping i’m not allowed to stay in the room for sunday school because i’m too old for it, so i have to go outside and listen to the adult sermon (which for me is completely pointless, because most of the time i have no idea what they’re trying to say)

but today was different, my godmother went up to share a testimony of my godbrother, and it was surprisingly touching and pretty motivational. (i don’t really understand chinese when people talk really fast, and use big words, but if it’s just normal conversing words i totally understand) apparently my godbrother wanted to get into the science classes in his school, but it’s a normal public school and the competition there is intense. and he nearly couldn’t make it in but he prayed about it and miraculously he got in!

[i think it’s kind of hard for you to relate, especially if you live in the states, because you really have no idea how intense the competition is here. i think it’s what us chinese are taught, parents give their kids a certain mindset that we have to do better than other people or you’re not good enough. so basically all the jokes about asian parents are pretty much true (maybe just a bit exaggerated)]

I kinda felt bad when my godmother was sharing her testimony, it made me feel like i should work harder for school… but at the same time, i felt like my godmother was bragging about her kid and i felt bad about that too because i feel like i wasn’t a good enough kid for my parents.. i’m not messed up or anything, i just don’t try as hard in school and i don’t have a deep WAYY personal relationship with my parents.. she just made it sound like every kid should have one with their parents… so i felt kinda bad throughout her testimony… oh well.

after church, i went to get some new glasses, and if you know me well, my old glasses have been my glasses for half a decade and it was pretty much falling apart so i got some new ones. i’m not the most fashion-forward person, so i guess my old glasses were totally out of date because i couldn’t find any cheap frames that looked liked my new glasses. so i ended up getting some hipster glasses.

i’m not really sure where i stand with the glasses, it’s totally different from my old one… i kinda have a love hate relationship with my new glasses right now. they slip off my nose most of the time and it just kinda bothers me..
and it makes my eyes tired, because my old glasses weren’t prescribed correctly, so my eyes are getting used to the adjustments…

there’s school tomorrow, so i’m just hoping it wouldn’t be a big deal.

haha sorry if this entry was a bit over the place, i don’t think i related church to HK or HK to glasses… but it was great writing again!


~ by quickyun on 09/16/2012.

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