it is my pleasure to introduce to you… proverbs

so i have a new project! yaysies! and in this project i have to basically show my thoughts on what i thought about each chapter of proverbs is.

so basically the same thing like what i did with matthew but with proverbs.

the way i’m going to do this is going to be weird, so instead of doing it from 1-31 i’m going to do it according to the date, so for example today is september 17th, so i’m going to do proverbs 17.

okay. lets start shall we.

we might think that our generation is the best generation because we’re so social and we text and facebook each other, but in reality are we really? let’s be honest here, i think we’re the most messed up generation ever. we think that it’s the end of the world when there’s no wifi we can connect to, or if no one liked your facebook profile picture. this might not be true for everyone (but it sometimes is for me) but what we think is the most difficult issue that we have to face is probably something related to surfing the net.

for example, me, i really love to watch friends, it’s like the best show on earth. i watch it all the time and when i find links that work and buffer fast i honestly think it’s the best day of my life, but when no links work, and i’m forced to skip that episode and go on to the next one, i’ll get so mad and aggravated. but the thing is, it’s only a tv show, nothing more, is it really going to kill me not to watch an episode?

our generation (well not generation, more like grade) is so focused on schoolwork there’s barely anytime for us to breathe.  maybe it’s because most of us have asian parents, or maybe not, but we’re in a society where everything is just a competition. but we stress ourselves out so much when we have a B in a class. does a B really change anything? just because your GPA doesn’t reach 4.0 every quarter doesn’t mean you won’t get into college. we work so hard but we’re never satisfied.

for me, i’m not the person that tries SUPER hard at school (i generally don’t really care if i have a B for class) but because of my environment, i feel like have to get straight A’s on a test or on my report card even or i’ll be looked down upon. i remember elementary where grades weren’t even important, and we just chilled in class and we still learned, but now when there’s chill time during class i find myself fussing over a B i got on a test.

our generation is filled with a lot of materialistic things, and pressure from our peers. we all try really hard to feel accepted.


~ by quickyun on 09/17/2012.

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