proverbs 17.

i realized proverbs is way too deep for me to actually truly understand. i’m really not wise enough.

so two verses really stood out to me during this reading

1. ” Of what use is money in the hand of a fool, since he has no desire to get wisdom” Proverbs 17:16

This verse immediately stood out to me than the other verses because our world now is very materialistic. we all desire things that can’t keep us happy for eternity. like even for christians, it’s not like we don’t seek God, we found him, and we believe that he saved us, and we’re going to have eternal life and all that, but still we desire for materialistic things. i honestly think it’s just human nature.

i find this verse completely fascinating because Solomon went to the conclusion instantly. if we desire money over God (we might not even notice it) we’re fools because we don’t want to seek wisdom.

we really shouldn’t take this verse literally because a. it doesn’t have to be money. b. it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re fools when we desire money, it just means that we shouldn’t be putting any material things before God.

i do that quite often really, i might not notice it. but i really like money, i’m not proud to say it, but i really like money, i honestly think i would be happy if i had all the money i needed in the world. and as a christian i know i’m not supposed to think like that, but i do. i try not to put money before God, but because of the message the world gives us, it’s a really hard thing to do.

but we all know that God definitely is the smartest one out there, so if we seek God and put nothing before him, we’re not fools and we’re wisdom seekers. we acknowledge the fact that God is gracious and he was willing to give us part of his wisdom.

2. “A man of perverse heart does not prosper; he whose tongue is deceitful falls into trouble.” Proverbs 17:20

i’m generally going to focus on the second part “he whose tongue is deceitful falls into trouble”

i’m guessing this means whoever lies, is pretty much dead meat. it’s a scary thing, i mean if i die tomorrow and i lied today, and when i’m being judged by God, he’s going to say, “go to hell because you lied yesterday” well, thats one interpretation of it. trouble = hell. so if i lie i go to hell. honestly, sometimes i don’t see it happening, because i do lie, and a lot of other people lie /cheat and i can’t imagine God being at his throne judging people and telling them to go to hell because they cheated on a test and didn’t repent for it.. it just sounds absurd to me! but of course it actually might  happen, i would be completely devastated if that happened to me.

a second interpretation would be trouble = literally trouble, if we lie, we’re going to have to make up more lies to cover that lie, and if someone finds out that you lied, you’re literally in trouble. so at the same time, God’s giving you a little moral lesson here.




~ by quickyun on 09/17/2012.

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