proverbs 19.

my parents tell me that i’m the laziest person they know, (i have such encouraging parents :p) but i were to be honest with myself, i would probably say i’m the laziest person i know too.

i’m like the human version of garfield (the orange lazy cat, garfield), which is probably why i like its comics so much, but nonetheless, i’m extremely lazy. i don’t clean my room unless there’s a mountain of papers/book/ clothes on the floor or bed, i never put the clean clothes back into the closet after they’re done being washed (well not until the last minute). i usually end up doing the homwork last last last minute. i barely get off the couch to get something to drink, even if i really really need it. i hate doing housework especially, hanging up the laundry, cleaning the dishes and ironing the clothes. cleaning my room is okay, because sometimes it just gets so messy i clean it up without anyone telling me to clean it up. i almost ALWAYS tell someone else to do my chores or get something to drink for me.

so in proverbs 19 a verse about laziness stood out to me:

“Laziness brings on deep sleep, and the shiftless man goes hungry.” proverbs 19:15


so i’m guessing here that “deep sleep” means death. this thought just scares me. considering that i’m the laziest person on the planet… i really don’t want my laziness to backfire and make me die. i horrified of dying, really. or maybe this means that if you’re lazy all you do is sleep, so you’re just going to rot one day while you’re sleeping.

the second part of this verse says “the shiftless man goes hungry” this part is pretty much self-explanatory because obviously, if you don’t move, you won’t be able to get food on your own so you’re just going to starve.

i guess his verse was just a huge wake up call. i’m still not really to be the most hardworking person out there, but this is a good reminder that God really does not like lazy people. He’s mentioned it quite a few times in the bible, and really, you do not want to play games with God because that’s not going to go well for you.

i should probably keep this verse in mind whenever i walk into my messy room.


~ by quickyun on 09/18/2012.

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