school–same same but different.

people always have comments about school, whether is parents, friends, relatives for some reason i’m always the one to hear about it. i find it funny how we’ve all been through the same things but have different views about them.

my peers think that schools’ a okay, people are alright, schoolwork is a bit more than we can handle, but still tolerable and generally it’s just going to be a ‘meh’ year. i completely agree with this, maybe because my peers and i probably have the same mindset of things. classmates are okay, some are just aggravating to be around, and some are the coolest people on earth. schoolwork is getting a bit out of hand, way too many things for my two small hands to handle, i honestly feel like my brain’s going to explode sooner or later. i remember back in elementary, i loved school. i wished i could go to school during the weekends and see my friends, and play weird games during recess. it’s funny how our mindset on things change drastically as we grow older.  i don’t generally dread school hours, but i really do not like the load of work teachers give. i love seeing my friends, so that makes school life a whole lot better.

my parents keep telling me that when they were kids, school was a breeze. i’m pretty sure they left out the stressful parts, or they’re both just really dang smart. their school systems were different from ours, and my school system is supposedly easier than the general ones in HK, so i have no idea how they got through school that quickly and easily. maybe because we have so much more distractions now a days. technology.

relatives, really don’t expect much out of me from school because my school is “easier’ but what they never get is, i have the same amount of stress as they do. it’s not like i get a ticket through life because the system is generally easy, we still live in a society where competition is the thing, A’s is the thing, being lawyers and doctors is the thing. school life is just as hard. we have the same amount of work, we have to take exams, tests and quizzes, almost all of us take extra curricular (which is completely time consuming).


i’m so so so glad friends are a part of my school life, or else i would’ve quit school a long time ago. way too stressful for me to handle. they make school a million times more enjoyable than it really is.


(haha, i’m sorry if this post sounded a bit pessimistic, don’t worry, i actually really enjoy school, but i’ve got loads of work on my hands, and i felt like i needed a bit of a ranting session about school stress. :p)


~ by quickyun on 09/18/2012.

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