proverbs 20.

A gossip betrays a confidence;so avoid a man who talks too much. Proverbs 20:19

i honestly have nothing on my mind that won’t make me sound like a hypocrite.

people who know me, know that i gossip pretty much 24/7, for some reason, i know a lot of things people don’t really know because people tell me things.  i always say i won’t tell anyone (because i don’t want to invade their privacy) but sometimes i just have to get something off my chest. i like hearing about other people’s lives, but when it piles up, i don’t even remember which person has what story.

i guess gossiping isn’t the best thing to do, because you wouldn’t want other people talking about you. i mean i feel terrible when i overhear someone talking about me, like how i failed a test, or how i did really bad during practice. because i already feel bad about myself, i don’t want other people to think badly about me because of one mistake.

i think girls tend to gossip more, because we hear more things, and we just really like to talk a lot. and sometimes it just accidentally slips out of our mouths.

i know this is going to be hard, but i’m going to try not to gossip for a day… and i’ll tell you on my next post how that went.


~ by quickyun on 09/20/2012.

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