i can’t breathe.

hong kong is crazy, most overpopulated place ever.

it’s like a dot on the map and some reason, everyone is pretty much crammed into this one dot. we have 7 million people in this tiny country. it’s crazy. i think we might have at least one of each person from different continents here in hong kong.

hong kong is brilliant. we’re very fast paced, everything moves so quickly. you can pretty much get anything here. any type of clothing, any type of food, any type of fish even. the weather is hot and humid, which is totally horrible by the way, but there are no earthquakes, hurricanes or volcanoes of any sort. so we’re pretty much safe here.

but the one thing i really do not like about hong kong is, it’s polluted and everyone has about one inch of breathing space.

i can’t help but feel a bit claustrophobic here. it’s horrible.


~ by quickyun on 09/22/2012.

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