ice tea.

i’m the kind of person that likes tea. i enjoy tea, i love tea, i think i can drink tea for my entire life.

[just for the record, i think i might be in love with Chick-Fil-A’s sweet tea. you can’t get it in hong kong, but it’s like the only thing i’ve been craving for since i came back from the states this summer]

during the winter, i would drink hot tea all day long, but now, it’s way too hot for hot tea.

but i still wanted tea, so i got some tea bags, and i got some hot water and mixed those two together. but i really wanted to drink the tea now. i got some ice cubes and put them in my cup, but they melted instantly, so i decided to put it in the fridge. i realized it would take way too long for me to get my tea if i’d just placed them in the fridge, so i put them in the freezer.

and about an hour later, i was watching my korean drama, and i realized i still have my tea in the freezer. so i ran to the freezer and opened it, and there it was, my ice tea. there you go, that;s my ice tea after it fell on my face.

it literally turned into ice.

i took it out and tried to drink some actual liquid tea from it, and the next thing i know, this huge block of ice falls on my face.


i know, my life is so interesting. ice teas are just… cool.


~ by quickyun on 09/22/2012.

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