proverbs 21.

this was definitely the chapter that i found truly interesting and funny.

there were a lot of verses addressed to men telling them not to have an ill-tempered wife. and my dad jokes around with my mom a lot telling her that she’s really annoying and she should respect her husband, and my mom jokes around with him and tells him that he should respect her.. and they use verses in the bible to “support” their argument.

[yes. this is what you get when you have asian parents, they debate on respect]

though this chapter focused on “ill tempered wives” another particular verse stood out to me.

“There is no wisdom,no insight, no plan That can succeed against the Lord.” Proverbs 21:30

i found it really interesting that despite all the “ill-tempered wife” verses Solomon (the writer of this book) still managed to bring God’s perfectness into it. so this chapter comes off as less command-y and self-centered but more like “God is great! we should worship him and appreciate the things He’s given us”

it kind of reminded me that even through all these trials in life, God’s still perfect, and He’s still there for us. sometimes we might not sense his presence or whatnot, but all we have to do is have faith in him.


~ by quickyun on 09/22/2012.

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