proverbs 24.

so tonight was college night.

and for those who don’t know what college night is… it’s basically where universities from all over the world (Australia, USA and Canada) come and set up their little booths, and you can go up to their booths (if you’re interested) and learn more about their college and get brochures.

i thought i was going to go to college night so i could get free pens, but when i “visited” the first university, i was actually really interested and i went to a whole bunch of other university booths. and by the end of it all, i got zero pens.

so why do we go to university?

-my parents want me to

-so i can get a good job and be successful, and be rich


i’m pretty sure answers may vary. but some of us actually go to university to learn things, and gain knowledge (though i know, most people only go to college because they want to genuinely learn.

so this verse relates to knowledge and wisdom in general:

“A wise man has great power,and a man of knowledge increases strength” Proverbs 24:5

so we all obviously want to become wisdom seekers, and you know, just wanting to be wise generally. and it sounds really cool when people say you’re smart and all those kind of things. but if you’re actually wise, you’re considered a man of great power. and that’s definitely cooler than being the “smart guy”

so we should all seek knowledge through God, and from that we’ll all gain power and strength!


~ by quickyun on 09/24/2012.

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