proverbs 27.

i am a total disney fan. i was never a disney princess fan growing up, but i liked Mulan a lot. i have no idea why. i think it’s because Mushu was one of the funniest little thing i’ve ever seen.

but one of the most significant parts of the story was when “Reflection” comes up, where she decides that she’ll take her father’s place in the war. you know how she comes into the stable with her horse, and she looks at the place where the horse drink’s it’s water. yeah, the most dramatic part of the movie.

okay so you know how the camera is not facing Mulan’s face yeah? but we see her reflection of her face in the water.

so verse 19 of this chapter says : “As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man.” it relates to Mulan because when she sees her reflection on the water, she realizes no man would ever want her. this scene is extremely crucial to the story because she makes the decision of taking her father’s place in war.

and just like a reflection, the things we say come from the heart. we usually don’t just randomly say things, but when we say things that hurt other people’s feelings, it really does come from the heart. and people see you differently when you hurt somebody’s feelings.

the things we say or do comes deep down inside us, and the way things turn out triggers the way other people perceive us.


~ by quickyun on 09/27/2012.

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