proverbs 31.

there’s really no specific verse that i really want to focus on but the general idea is how a wife should act.

i’m really surprised how marriages aren’t valued anymore in this society, well, i guess they are valued, but not as much. the way couples fix their marriages is running away and just breaking it off.

wives (back in the day) were expected to do a lot of things clean, cook, help the poor… and a lot of other things that wives aren’t really expected to do now…

there are twenty one verses on how wives should act and why husbands should appreciate them. that’s a whole lot of rules i have to look out for when i grow up.

but thank God we don’t have to follow them now, because that’s a lot of stress women have to undertake.

i honestly think, there’s only one rule to being a wife and it’s to stay true her husband.

very simple. that one rule pretty much sums it all up.


~ by quickyun on 10/02/2012.

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