proverbs 2.

you know how people in those dramatic movies say “once you go there you can never turn back?”

so verse 19 is pretty much saying that “None who go to her return or attain the paths of life.”

in the few verses prior to  verse 19, it was talking about a prostitute, and how shes like the evil spirit and if you go to her you can’t turn back.

i’m hope no one my age has anything to do with prostitutes, but this is still relevant to our generation. the prostitute is just a level of sin/idolization. so if we generalize this and say just idolizing something then to our generation, the internet is the perfect example.

we (at least me) spend most of the day on the computer doing homework, or just random surfing. i honestly don’t think i “worship” the computer, but my mom keeps telling me that i’m mesmerized by it, i can be on the computer for hours at a day and not even feel tired, but while doing devotions of some sort, my eyes just get drowsy and i’m off too la-la land in a matter of seconds.

i guess it’s true, once you’re hooked onto something, you can’t really get back into your normal routine without really trying hard to get rid of this new habit.

i think when we get into new habits in life, we just have to differentiate whether that’s going to turn out good or bad and ask God for help when you know that you’re starting to get sucked into this entire mess.


~ by quickyun on 10/04/2012.

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