proverbs 6.

again, no specific verse i want to talk about, but there was this one section that talked about what type of people God “detests”:

-prideful people


– people who plot evil deeds

– people who do things before thinking twice about it

– murderers

– false witnesses

– people who cause arguments between other people

so i was looking at this list and wondering which category i fit into, i’m not going to say which specific category i fit into, but i go into three to four categories here…

God must really not like me then, if i’ve sinned against him through so many things.

the thing i don’t really like about this chapter is that it doesn’t tell us what happens after sinning. it just tells us what God hates. but in reality He forgives us for all of those sins when you repent. it’s not a constant hatred towards you.

last year, my friend and i had this huge argument, we later on found out that it was all just a stupid misunderstanding, we didn’t talk for months. i was pretty much convinced that she hated me and there was nothing i can do for her to forgive me, because whenever i talked to her she’d just ignore me.

wouldn’t it be cool if back then, i knew already she would forgive me? seriously, all my burdens of feeling awkward or not knowing what to say would be all gone.

it’s the same with God, if we ask for forgiveness he automatically forgives us, and the burden of sin will be lifted off me!


~ by quickyun on 10/09/2012.

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