proverbs 8.

‘”For whoever finds me  finds life and receives favor from the Lord. But whoever fails to find me harms himself; all who hate me love death.”’ Proverbs 8;35-36

Jesus is described as life in the bible. so the first part is pretty much self explanatory. i just want to focus on the last bit of these two verses.

“all those who hate me love death”

i find this really… weird. does this mean that everyone else who’s not a christian loves death…? i don’t even know… the thing is, just because you’re not a christian doesn’t mean they’d hate Christ. i mean there are people in the world, who are not Christians and dedicate their life to prove Christianity wrong. those people obviously don’t like Jesus. but how about those people who are completely neutral about how they feel about Christ, i honestly don’t think they love death. they’re condemned to die and live and burn in hell for the rest of their life, but i don’t think they love death.

there are times where i just hate how things turn out and “hate” God because of it, there are a lot of things i say that make me sound like i love death. but those are just things that i say before thinking twice.

so i think i’m going to have to disagree with this part of the verse, because i genuinely do not think people who doesn’t believe in what i believe in love death.


~ by quickyun on 10/10/2012.

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