proverbs 13.

i didn’t really feel like doing this post today, so i just randomly scrolled through the chapter and this verse caught my eye.

“Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.” Proverbs 13:10

the first thing i thought of when i first saw this verse was this new girl who came to our school a few years back. so this girl, when she first came, she came off as a really nice cool person, but as time progressed  she tried too hard to “fit in.” when my friend said something, she would come up with a story that made her sound really cool. for example :

my friend: ” it’d be so cool, if this teacher played in our volleyball team. that teacher’s going to be so good!”

girl(this is the girl): ” oh yeah! that teacher told me that he wants to play for our team! haha it was kind of funny”

i guess it doesn’t sound like she’s trying hard to fit in, but the thing is, this teacher doesn’t really talk to the girl… so my friend an i kind of knew this conversation wasn’t possible. i think i would’ve believed that this conversation happened if it didn’t happen so many times before. it’s usually not about this sort of topic, but with other pointless things as well…

so a few years ago, we tried to warn her not to brag too much or try too hard, we wrote her notes but she just ignored it. my friends and i warned her because we knew that it was hard to fit in especially in our school where our personalities inside the campus is really different compared to the people outside our school.

and she didn’t take our advice… so i don’t think a lot of people enjoy being around her that much… i’m not saying that just because she didn’t take our advice she’s completely shunned, but i guess that’s part of the reason why she’s not the person we like to hang around.

so listen to advice, it helps!


~ by quickyun on 10/14/2012.

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