proverbs 14.

“All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” Proverbs 14:23

if i had to sum up this verse in three words it would be : ” walk the talk.”

i remember back in 7th grade we had this project where you had to draw a word out. the teacher gives us the definition of a word and examples of the word and the word i got was ‘brave’

i remember the teacher explaining the word brave to me and one of the definition/example was ‘walk the talk.’ i guess it does take a bit of courage to walk the talk.

i say things to make myself sound cooler, but i don’t actually do it.

when i was in elementary school, i used to think breaking all the bones in my body was considered cool. i have no idea why. but i remember telling my friends at school that i broke every single bone in my body and instead of mending the bones, the doctors took the bones out and replaced them with metal… which is why i’m so strong…..

i was such a creative kid. i know.

i guess to me, not walking the talk is almost the same thing as lying.

and it does take a bit of courage to sound not as cool and do what you say.


~ by quickyun on 10/14/2012.

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