the end.

i’ve just posted the last entry of Proverbs, and honestly i didn’t learn that much through this whole experience. maybe because a lot of the topics were repetitive and i really had no motivation to do it. but occasionally i’ll find one or two verses that make me laugh or trigger some sort of memory and it makes this project so much more fun!

i would think that i’d gain more wisdom by the end of this project, and maybe i have, maybe i haven’t. sometimes the messages take a while to sink in. so maybe in a week or two i’ll have some sort of recall on what i wrote on proverbs this month.

even though it didn’t influence me that much, it still helped me think over my life and how i was dealing with it. sometimes i write things just so i can get a good grade, so i just say the christian response, but it’s not how we’re graded.

we won’t be standing in front of God on judgement day by being a hypocrite, he won’t buy your stories. so i guess reflecting on proverbs really helped me concentrate on areas in life that  needs a little bit of a touch up.


~ by quickyun on 10/16/2012.

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